Building a more secure
wireless world

We are reshaping device identity management for all wireless devices

Our ground-breaking technology is capable of authenticating the identity of devices to prevent hacking, manipulation and deception. Our technology can protect billions of wirelessly connected devices that comprise the Internet of Things across all sectors.

LEVL’s team represents some of the best tech talent in the industry, including veterans of the Israeli Defense Forces’s elite intelligence and cyber security units, PhDs, and former employees from leading tech companies such as Google, Dell, Akamai, and Qualcomm. Together with industry leaders, our team is solving security threats that have endangered the mass adoption of wireless IoT.

A unique technology for device identification

Every day, billions of connected devices that rely on wireless connectivity provide soft targets for malicious cyberattacks from cyber criminals who can easily exploit the gap between the physical and virtual space.

LEVL’s technology closes this security gap by utilizing radio frequency (RF) fingerprinting and building a unique physical identity for every device.

Smart access systems for vehicles

While getting more connected, vehicles are extremely vulnerable to different types of security threats such as relay and replay attacks. One of the biggest threats are on vehicle access systems.

LEVL’s fingerprinting technology provides a holistic solution to solve these vulnerabilities by providing a software only solution that can uniquely authenticate the physical identity of devices that try to access the vehicle.

Physical access control

The evolving physical access control industry faces similar security challenges to the automotive industry.

LEVL is working with industry leaders to solve these vulnerabilities and secure the next generation of physical access systems.


Satellite positioning has become a critical aspect of different industries, such as autonomy, delivery, ride-hailing, cargo, and more. However, navigation satellites are very easily faked and spoofed.

LEVL provides a software only solution that builds a unique physical identity for every GNSS satellite and secures the GNSS system across verticals.

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